Made in Abyss

I wonder how many times Embiletz paid for Pakkoyan stepping sessions. He liked her enough to sacrifice himself and get ripped apart from the inside out.

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This picture is so cute and now I'm sad again Enbelietz gave his life for Pakkoyan. He was a hero.

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Did he actually die? I don't remember Faputa finishing him off.

She literally fucking tore him open and then got Ajapoka to smash him with a staff

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I like how much this artists appreciates him. Its a shame he never got to experience Nanachi's feet.

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Are you kidding? It's one of most detailed moments of that battle.

faputa did nothing wrong.

Well obviously

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Oh and that's why Ajapoka got rekt by the balancing. So Ajapoka killed him then? Sad.

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Apart from the whole massacre.

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>POV: you are Reg and Faputa is ovulating

I mean, dude was chill, spent his time in his spot without bothering anyone and liked cute creatures, plus he had balls the suicide charge at Faputa to protect his comrades. Dude din't have much screentime, but def showed likeable qualities. He deserved better and should have been stomped by Nanachi.

Imagine, bunch of homless psychos ate your mother.

Tsukushi should make a sequel to GARAGE Bad Dream Adventure

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He is free as a bird

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You've got to break a few eggs if you want to rid the world of some baby eating pedophile cannibals.

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Tbh, it's all Wazukyan's fault. He really wanted an adventure.

This guy was literally me


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Maybe a dozen of the residents at best were from the original explorer party. The bulk were unrelated delivers and the like the found their way there.

He almost certainly knew (thanks to his clairvoyance) that if a piece of Faputa were to be brought into the village, it would create enough chaos that Faputa herself would be able to come into the village. He wanted that situation and directed Reg into making it happen. I dunno how else they would have been able to buy Nanachi from Belafu but without Wazukyan's scheming the unending stalemate would have continued between Faputa and the Village.

Nanachi looks like an onion knight from Final Fantasy.

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