Girls kissing

girls kissing

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also I just noticed how there's so little public yuri kissing in manga and anime, wanna see reactions to the purest form of love


They would be expelled for that

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There isn't a whole lot of public kissing in general. Only degenerates do it to spite me on purpose

Top energy coming from the brunette

One of the most beautiful things in this ugly world.

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What do you guys think about a pairing of a long black haired tomboy and a feminine short haired blonde? I guess it could work if the tomboy wears her hair in a ponytail or something.

She's jealous

sounds pretty nice

Sounds like Fuuka and Miho from watamote

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are there any actual tomboys in yuri manga? All the one's I've read the girls were always girly with a side dish of being a genki.

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Japan is autistic when it comes to human contact. They don't even kiss their parents on the cheeks affectionally in private, let alone in public.

I shill this one a lot though not on Any Forums. I just have a thing for tomboys with glasses. Almost every character is a tomboy and involved heavily in yuri like relationships

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That's gay

Asians just don't kiss a lot in general. They view westerners who kiss in public as dumb and horny animals


Are you reading the right series's?

>long black haired tomboy... ponytail
Just fucking TAKE my money


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>no domestic abuse

Such a good series, worth a reread

It was very nice, quite different from normal yuri manga I read but rough girls in love turns out to be very cute as well.

Please kill yourself.

Not a kiss per se, but the gyaru is telling her plain girlfriend that today they shouldn't kiss as hard ss usual since she's got mouthache

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