Gurren Lagann

Sub or Dub?

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please leave Any Forums and never come back

Well considering there's no such thing as a good dub, I'd say OP is a massive faggot.


>the same 20 or voice actors to choose from
i wonder how it came to be this way
dubs r a joke

Why didn't they just call it Gunbuster 3? Because that's literally what it is.

Definitely sub. Dub had no fucking passion and won't do it because they act like they are above that. Fuck the dub and fuck those who like it.

Say, OP, what made you decide to post on Any Forums today, other than, oh you know, reddit, discord, or Twitter

Ghost Stories

I don't like reddit much and don't find it useful outside of looking at other people's gunpla pics and artists spreading their work out there. I actually really hate discord because it floods you with notifications and it can't seem to make up it's mind whether it wants to be a chat room or a message board, it tries to be both and ends up being neither; and I find it to be very mentally unhealthy for a lot of people. And I've never used twitter, never even had an account, I couldn't even tell you how to use it.

I made this thread because I am interested in watching this show but my impression of it is that it may be one of those shows that I may want to watch in dub regardless of it's quality, because of the animation. And I want to know what other anons think of that.

I don't hate dubs, honestly I think that the overwhelming majority of them fall into the mediocre but not offensively bad category. A small few of them rise above that but they're few and far in between. I do think that dubs are worth watching in shows/movie with exceptional animation just so you can focus on the quality craftsmanship of the animation.

I thought it was great either way. The sub is still better overall, but the dub is (IMO) more than good enough.

Keep in mind that the compilation movies aren't dubbed like the TV version was. If you prefer consistency then watch everything subbed, but you could also choose to experience both by watching the dub for the TV version and then the sub for a rewatch with the movies.

all you're going to get with this garbage thread is a smaller subset of the same garbage you can find by searching the archives of this garbage board
you think your fellow dubniggers have never made a thread like this or "discussed" (spewed out a few adjectives) the dub in one of the 6 trillion dub recommendation threads this board has had?

kys dubtranny

Nigga it is by all accounts Getter Robo if it got a faithful anime but slightly more faggy.

Russian dub

Dub. I say this because unless you can actually speak and understand the japanese language your perception is still being colored by western interpretations. The true way to enjoy anime is to learn japanese so you don't need the subtitles.

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Early 2000s anti-Bush humor aka proto-reddit "humor"

>implying bush didn't deserve the ridicule

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Dub is only okay if you are under 15 or retarde... US citizen, got it.

We get it, you hate anime.