Kanojo, Okarishimasu


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What a simp

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>other thread

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At this point I can't tell anymore if Mini is supposed to be Reiji's self-insert or the audience's.

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"laughable" is being charitable

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Did this really need to be a "KINO" spread?

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Well that was yet another filler chapter. This bar arc is going to be another Namek won't it?

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He needs to be stopped.

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At this point, I don't even think she deserves all of Kazuya's simping anymore.

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>"bedtime event"
ayo hol' up

bitchass futa reiji avatar

>Thats the cuck mango
Oh noooo

People actually think the previous chapter was good? Really?

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What a load of damage control again.
>pretty girls tend to be cocky

>i’m so happy i got a bare-bones reply!
The state

cute cat

No, they thought the one where they were texting each other was good.

>this is a spread
You’re joking. Any other manga, this would be a quarter of a page.

>while I was watching a romcom
fuck off
>Why do you have cat ears?
yeah that's a very good question, she has them even on her volume covers

I don't understand how anyone could think Chapter 250 was any good. It was one of the most filler chapters so far. Even the flashbacks failed to impress.

bros I can only find 6 someone help me

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Kek...Reiji may be highlighting shit.

Well the manga is shit right now so that's not a surprise.