The Eminence in Shadow


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you are...
...we are Australian

The anime of the year.

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>a poser cuck
Meet a REAL chad.

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Is he even nuke proof?

A month away? Why are you posting so early?

Because everyone who is anyone is hyped for the anime of the year.

It's a shame later arcs drag on like motherfuckers and i lost interest after the vampire arc
This shit was funny.

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The author has no idea where to go with it.

Even if he never writes another word it's already great, not everything needs 1000 chapters.

unironically no, in fact he's actually pretty weak even in his full vampire form, he feels strong because most of his shit ignores the laws of the world he's currently in, but in a contest of raw unga he will lose every time against something actually strong unless he can cheese it

the artist has potential but holy hell

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Please don't talk about your chinchin here.

volume 4 is quite funny, especially the reverse isekai arc, but then again it took him 4 years to write it
I do agree the fake bills trade war sort of drags a bit

Here's what happened

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Because this shit is going to be popular with normalfags, I can feel it being called the next Konosuba x Overlord
These are some of the last good threads we will ever have

And then they will seethe when he is mean to their waifu, I can't wait.

>manga tanks uncensored this scene and added him flipping her off
I knew the mangaka was based, but damn
They also redrew a lot of fight panels from v1

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Since it's 2 cour they will get to the trade war arc at the very end, I can't wait for the seethe at him betraying them
I'm going to post menacing images of John smith and say how he kills Delta later on


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Yes I remember her sad death scene and shall also help you inform the anons.

I wish my ChinChin was the size of a Korean nuke
Sadly it's not and Taepodong was Shadow's old catch phrase before Kadokawa censorship'd it to Atomic

Yeah I know, frankly this is a good change.

Thought this was anal vore at first.