Tower of God

Ok, Any Forums, left or right?

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I would rotate in a mixed direction following a spheroid shape pattern, I would spin at least 1807° then ascend directly up in tower
>simple as

>then ascend directly up in tower
Jokes on you, because you have to descend the tower in order to climb it.

easily right

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Right of course.

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The anime was alright for what it was, but it skipped some things that were important in the long run.
I hope season 2 to have a better adaptation, it supposedly airs this year and it probably will be animated by a different studio.

Oh….that’s righ I

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"I prefer men" - Captain Alex, 2015

Again, Mario, shitty notJapanese webcomics are not manga. Go find another board to bother.

ToG could not be manga but it is anime, therefore it's Any Forums.

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So discuss the anime.

Drop this before the timeskip, should I jump back in?

Might as well do, we are already in a hiatus, so the story will not advance that much.

I felt like it picked up more after the timeskip, but then again I was already enjoying it before then too. It's a good one to binge one lazy afternoon

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What timeskip?

I am not Mario, though.

Ok Mario

Best girl

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Wrong board.

>Tower of God if the art was good

Right is my wife
>newfag can't recognize mario threads

What board would even accept webtoons/manhwa?

Then he'll burrow down like a drill



Unironically making a new board wouldn't be that bad, i don't mind it being slow as fuck

Not gonna happen. They will make more Any Forums threads before making a webtoon one.

>Any Forums threads
Fuck, meant to say Any Forums boards.