We lived long enough to see Anime get BTFO by literal CHINESE CARTOONS

>We lived long enough to see Anime get BTFO by literal CHINESE CARTOONS

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Webtoons are actually becoming more and more popular with zoomers. Only a matter of time before Japan starts making them.

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Okay Chang, now back to the bauxite mines.

>Only a matter of time before Japan starts making them.
They already are.

Real talk, this show is overrated as fuck and a way worse chinese related product than Thunderbolt Fantasy

It's under rated if anything. It perfectly combines the comedy and episodic nature of Western animation with the action and storylines of Anime

TF is made by Taiwanese CHADS which is the difference, Mainlanders can only make the occasional decent historical drama

How much did you get paid to say that? 1bag of rice?

>Every weeb wants to move to Japan
>Move to Taiwan instead
>Live like a king in a country where people are actually friendly instead of robots

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>Get invaded by China

+5 social credit.

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>Another falseflag Chink/Gooks thread where people shill the worst of their products
Why do you guys hate them so much, we already know that they are shit nowadays that they make modern Japan looks great by Comparison

Unironically wish they would. I want to rape mainlander bussy

Where is that Edward Yang fag when there is an actual faggots with garbage taste in Chinese lurking around ?

>same thread on Any Forums yesterday
This ain't a coincidence, stop spamming OP, no one likes or cares about your show

There's already an anime adaptation of a JP long strip series.

How does it being more retarded than a retarded Mauritanian ?

>No one cares
You clearly do or you wouldn't reply

And I hope they will get an own board so that I don't have to see that webcomic shit anymore. And yes, isekai are still shit as well. But even more shit isn't gonna make it more bearable and there are so many webcomics being shat out on a daily basis that they would drown the anime and manga related threads if enough of their shitty fans would post here.

Imagine if we get a Manhwa board and people there immediately go full "old good, new bad" while shitting on Webtoons

>OP's taste in Chinese

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Depends where in Japan honestly, some cities are more soulless than others. Osaka is pretty based, more rough around the edges, actually strong local culture and really SOVLful. I'd move to the Kansai way before anything Kanto given the choice. Taiwan is pretty nice too though as you've said.

If it had a board posting here about it would be banned so we wouldn't have these threads.
I was even open-minded about Korean comics once, but that was before the webcomic flood started. There were some old korean "manga" or JP published manga with Korean artists that were actually good but that was a long time ago.


chinese is such a disgusting language, how can you watch any of their shit?

What's even the fucking point of these threads?
No one on the korean or chinese "side" does anything beyond post the lowest of low webtoon shit and then go "this better than jap, japanese destroyed".
And then no one on the japanese '"side" does anything but go
fuck off.
Like maybe we could talk about The Breaker, or Thunderbolt Fantasy or SAO, anything that isn't dogshit webtoons with the same lazy fill tool style coloring and long strips with 70% dead space and the same tired old plots of
>muh cultivation
>muh murim
>muh hunters guild
>muh mercenary teenager
but we won't because you're just a shit stirring nigger who I doubt even reads or watches the shit he posts.

Fucking hate webtoons with a passion.

Nah, it's only slightly above average at best

This thread is a bait and is going to BUT it is generally true, Japan has been gooked and is at the peak of creative bankrupcy goning for Isekai moeblob yuri/fujobait romcom no. #15672240 with 3D "animations" becuse studio "animators" never made a drawing before in their lives.

That being said the only shows I am eager to wait for are Thunderbolt Fantasy, Spare Me Great Lord and Fulltime Magister (low budget tho).
Which is funny becuse all 3 shows are in-fact chinase.