The Azus

What happens with the Azumanga girls after they graduate? What's their fates?

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I married tomo

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i fucked yomi's brains out and now she's in a wheelchair for the rest of her life

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Osaka kills herself by jumping off a roof somewhere.

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Kagura, Sakaki, Tomo and Yomi should be fine and have a chance at a good future. Sakaki probably gets a job involving working with animals. Realistically Osaka is probably going to have difficulty getting a job, or she gets one then likely she gets fired due to sleeping on the job etc, and then she ends up killing herself - although that could happen regardless of her job situation. Kaorin, being a dumb dyke, after she realizes Sakaki wants nothing to do with her, probably (and hopefully) kills herself. Chiyo, if she doesn't go to the USA and get shot to death, should be fine and should be able to get pretty much any job she wants, but Osaka dying might fuck her up.

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Osaka will get married with me

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now why would she wanna marry you?

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Tomo is a hikikomori now shitposting on 2ch
Yomi got fat and is a Biden supporter
Osaka is a VTuber with 2 viewers (one is a bot)
Chiyo-chan is a scientist
Sakaki dropped the vet school after seeing a cat's dead body
Kagura will show up as a coach in Paris 2024 Olympics games
Kaorin is a housewife, married with 5 kids
I am Chihiro

You can't save Osaka, user, she's doomed.

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stop bullying osaka

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Closest thing to suicide that doesn't kill you.

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>Kaorin is a housewife
Lesbians can't reproduce.

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