Anya will save the world

Anya will save the world.

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Anya marrying syon boy for world peace

Anya will rule the wold.

And I'm gonna save her cunny with my dick.

Anya is far too dumb to achieve such a thing, likely due to the negative influence of het dimwitted "mother" Yor Briar. If only she had a more capable mother to assist her hypercompetent father, then maybe she could pull it off...

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Has she grown up yet?

You know, I think Ms Anoif here has a point. We'd need an accomplished individual with numerous talents to be able to impart upon child. Do you happen to know if Sylvia is available?

I am also in agreement with mr. Anoif, no relations, but I disagree on Sylvia being the best candidate. Talented as she may be, she's old and busted. A younger WISE agent would make for a more convincing wife and mother.

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I know the rookie looks very effeminate along with the added benefit of Twilight being able to train him in a more hands on manner, but it wouldn't be convincing, Mr Tsorf.

Anya will say the word

You're right mysterious agent. You know what? I've been hearing talk of this so called "becky" girl, we should recruit her asap and get her nice and cozy with twilight

I hate this retarded pink rat as much as umaru

Please don't compare peanut to that abomination

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From what?

both umaru and anya are good girls

A YouTuber customized his sex doll to look like Anya

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Why do "people" do this?

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Loid = Eren
Fiona = Mikasa
Franky = Armin
Yor = Historia
Sylvia = Annie
Yuri = Jean
Anya = Gabi
Damian = Falco
Axeman = Reiner

I wonder what goes through that deranged head of yours. You spam the same shit on every SxF thread you can find. Did SnK really mindbreak you that much? Move on.

Do SnKucks really?

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I can't wait for mission "abandon Anya"