Arrogant Shapeshifting Demon

>Arrogant Shapeshifting Demon
>Personal connection to the Protagonist
>Spends most of his time vibing in his castle
>Has a penchant for making other Demons to do his fights for him
>Will vore your ass

Naraku is a top tier villain.

Pic unrelated.

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Is Inuyasha even good?

Inuyasha yes Yashahime no

Inuyasha is a great story held back by average animation
KnY is an average story held up by great animation

>top tier villain
Kek, Muzan at least delivered some cool lines, managed to be an actual threat and, most important thing, HAD THE DECENCY of dying once for good at the end instead of running away on screen every single time.
Naraku was threatening maibe at the beginning, but toward middle point of the manga he just became annoying and laughable.

>managed to be an actual threat

Doesn’t Muzan die to a sunburn

Naraku fucking sucks. His reincarnation were better than him, that doesn't mean Muzan wasn't shit as well, but he at least felt like a threat early on and had some cool moments.
Inuyasha's story is just as average.

>Inuyasha is a great story
It's fucking awful, Rumiko at her worst

Rumiko at her worst is still better than Koyoharu at their best

Naraku’s not a good fight scene antagonist, he’s a schemer antagonist. That’s where he shines.

Muzan tries to be both and is only mildly good at the former.

Naraku vs Muzan in a Pretty Boy contest, who wins?

>Naraku’s not a good fight scene antagonist, he’s a schemer antagonist. That’s where he shines.
Naraku sucks at being a schemer antagonist. His best scheme happens before the series starts with Kikyo and Inuyasha.

Nah he pretty regularly outsmarts and manipulates people throughout the series.

The trouble is he’s also a shameless sadist and can’t resist the urge to twist the knife, and that usually bites him in the ass.



I want to see Yura of the Hair making out with Daki.

At least Muzan was hot in his female form.

He doesn't really outsmarts, he manipulates other demons or fallen/dead priestesses to do his dirty work, but it often ends with just him killing them. His go to play is pretty much using Kohaku most of time.

Naraku wasn’t even the hottest man in his own show.

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He outsmarted Abi with the trident he gifted her and used Abi’s mother to enter the netherworld

And when he knew hehe infant was going to try and vore him, he took steps to bypass the Infant’s barrier so he could vore the infant back

He outsmarts people pretty regularly in the show. Issue is he’s not the best fighter compared to Inuyasha.

>Muzan at least delivered some cool lines
what? the lines where suposse to make him sound like an insecure manchild that won't take responsability for his actions.