One Piece

>Got away with everything
Why can't he stop winning? What's next for him?

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I'm first.


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I bet next arc will have them 2 at the wedding again.

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Zoro is for sex.

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Cry harder

Uta will appear very soon in the manga

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>still no spoiler
Yeah, it's shit chapter time.

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When will there be the actual wedding though?

was it really a good idea to make this guy a Warlord?

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Oda chose to kill her off. That's because he hates her. Why would you love a character that the author hates?

How does his legs support him

Added foot size by request.

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Why wasn't she a better character?

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Why is there so much fanart of sanji

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Commit suicide discord troon

Killing her was just for shock value and to make the movie more popular, it always happen with this kind of stories.
The movie is set in the bad timeline anyway...

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Popular characters get fanart

why /opg/ degenerate too much? what went wrong? we are reaching /dbs/ levels of schizophrenia

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Reminds me of this pic.

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>has such high retard strength that he probably has CoC and CoA without even knowing what haki is
This will be the case won't it if he's gonna be relevant later?

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>pedo clones

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Because Sanji is for sex.

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>Luffy and Robin are siblings
>Monkey D. Robin
Nah, I don't see it.

>people are suprised blackbeard can use haki when he is the first person that mentions haki by name in the series and how he can feel it

are people retarded?


How can you seriously defend killing off a character for shock value?

yonkocucks OUT

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Last chapter.

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A lot of the shitposters are from there, or other generals.

Do yourself a favor and kys

Carrot's virginity? For Sanji.

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