Yup I'm thinking Bleach is back

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You give other Bleach fans a bad name, maggot. Consider sudoku

wipe your ass

Holy shit, dubs confirm.

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So is the rumour about the episodes being longer true?

The first 2 ones at least

Literally none of the best animators from Naruto are on Bleach unless I missed an announcement.

I don't see Nishio, Matsumoto, Yamashita, Kobayashi, Fujisawa, Huang on the staff list.

Only thing I hate about the compositing is the horrible texture/gradients they're slapping on the energy effects. They add nothing on make the effects work look garish.

This is interesting. 4-5 chapters per episode is what I predicted. With that in mind 50+ episodes is an exact match and enough space for a vastly improved ending.

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It's a zoomer thing, like key dangling. That being said, it actually works in Bleach with the extreme art direction they chose.

all retired


this, nothing cringier than the hardcore spammer bleachfags forcing le ebin bleachchads own Any Forums meme

>ichigo is a shikigami, hollow, and quincy

It's zoomers with consolewar mentality who recently discovered Bleach
Oldfags wouldn't care

how is that a zoomer thing?

whatever happened to her anyway, is she dead
kubo showed this then just forgot about it

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No, in CFYOW Nel saved her.

Visually this looks better than csm trailer lol, and I think bleach is shit.

I see someone finally realized there was a trailer with lots of shit to analyze yesterday. Now it’ll only take a week for webms

Is Kubo gonna change anything with this adaptation or is this expected to go 1:1 to the manga?