Boku no hero academia

>BNHA has no stakes!
he's dead so this argument is officially invalid. which other characters do you think are going to die?

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Nobody cared about Edgeshot. Bakugo should've stayed dead.

AFO and Dabi.

Hori went back on that, now it’s just costing him life force to do surgery on Bakugo. He’ll come out a little older, but still live. Honestly I don’t think Hori has the guts to kill anyone but nameless redshirts and AFO, and I have my doubts about AFO.

Nah, he killed Twice, he has no problem killing villains.

>4 months

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>bakugo didnt die
Good, now I feel no reason to pick this dumpster fire up again.

How many panels has Edgeshot been in during the course of the manga?

at least two

AFO is the only good thing left about this manga so it's very likely Hori will kill him off soon just like with Twice.

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>AFO is the only good thing left about this manga
kek, he is the worst shit.

they always are

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>AFO is the only good thing left about this manga
no offense but how could you possibly believe this? Bakugo has off'ed more heroes than AFO at this point, AFO's motivations keep changing with every chapter and he's so retarded he'd rather monologue than wipe out top heroes with his so-called suicide charge. he's a shit villain all around.

Dead characters =/= stakes.

No, not really, even before Endeavor got popular and had his own arc he still ranked higher than Dabi, and Dabi had the mystery, the look, and the quirk.

>if Hori threw Endy under the bus
Fujos would've fucking killed him and make wsj a kyoani 2. Instead Endy is the poor widdle baby who dindu nuffin wrong and fujos are happy.

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>this literally who died to revive the fujo golden goose
Is ths supposed to prove anything?

Did he die?

Hasn't happened yet. Dekusama can still arrive and save him with the second and bak u go resonance power up.

It's not that his opinion chages there's just one too many AFO whose opinions aren't matching. The old body is still consistent about whatbhe wanted and told AM but that's not how it looks with new body.

"consuming his life force to stitch bakugo's heart!!!!!"
just dumb anime stakes