DAAAAAAMN look how hot nu-age Rangiku looks.

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Best girl

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>Gin didn't fuck this beauty
Will forever be known as the 'huge fucking faggot'

>when your Volstadig is too big for her hollow hole

Tbf, He had to avoid her or else Aizen woulda taken her hostage or something. I give Gin a pass on this. He definitely woulda tried to fuck her if his ambush on aizen worked.

What do you mean
They knew each other for centuries
They never said they didn't
Hell, her being so hung up over him implie a something did happen

Why did Ywhach keep Harribel in his castle ? What happened to her after the war ?

I suddenly care about Bleach again for the first time since dropping it during the post-SS filler. Breasts are amazing.

it's in the novel

too big
still not gay

This. It's about balance and the physique as a whole. Simply exaggerating certain aspects of their proportions does not make a character hotter. Huge hips and tiny waist isn't hot. Massive tits on small frame aren't hot. All about the right curves.

the paizuri queen

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The queen returns. also do we know what rukia looks like

she was shown in the trailer but I won't bother grabbing a screencap for you

Where's the mole?

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Based Raingikubro.

Rangikus tits would have been even bigger if the Soul Kings nail hadn't been taken from her. And that's why Gin really hated Aizen.

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Pic related?

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I'd prefer if it wasn't so hour glass shaped. Her core looks like someone has a bunch of rubber bands around her stomach