Baki 132

dont let this thread die you retards.

doppo vs kehaya soon.

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I wish. In stead we get the Penis Gripper again

It's over for Doppo.

I was surprised Jobbo even won against the normal sumo. He'll lose for sure against super sumo.

its gonna be another chapter of penis head and you will enjoy it

Realistic Doppo is scary

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sad but true

What's realistic about this?



So the sumo gods will stay around and keep picking fights with people? How will this coordinate with Jack's challenge to Baki and the others? We seem to have two plot threads here and I don't know how they'll mingle.

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I read this in Robotnik's voice.

i just want to see more biting...

building up to another mini tournament set arc
Sukune will fight Kekhaya
Doppo will fight Katsumi
Haneyama will fight Pickle or something and do way better than he has any right doing
Oliva will fight that yokozuna dude Sukune fought at the Underground Arena I guess, the one who showed up again after the fights I forget his name

feels like after a bit more dicking around we'll get another Tournament. maybe something like
>sumo guys clear out most of the fodder
>Jack sweeps
>Jack fights Baki
>Baki forfeits after Jack gets him in a goudou hold that, while he could break free from and win the fight, he would completely lose one of his limbs
>Jack fights Yujiro
>Jack takes AAAAAAAALL of his drugs. All of them.
>Jack manages to get the upper hand on Yujiro and give him a wound that leaves a prominent scar
>Jack gets a demon back cliffhanger but its a fakeout, his lifestyle has caught up to him and every muscle in his body suffers violent siezures, ripping ligaments and muscles tearing loose from his bones
>Jack survives after extensive surgery but will never walk again. can barely eat without assistance.
>when asked how he feels about it says he doesn't regret a thing. regardless of whether it was for six years or six seconds, he was able to surpass yujiro as the strongest on earth, which is enough to satisfy his feelings about yujiro
>and he developed goudou to be a weapon for the weak. being crippled now puts him in the perfect position to really put it over as a practical self defense art for women, children and the elderly once he's recovered
>a few months later baki is talking with the old man about how "Jack Hammer's Ogre-Slayer Dentures™" are becoming popular amongst old folks and muggings in the city are down while hospital visits from shady guys with strange bite wounds they won't explain are up
>baki reiterates that he doesn't care about being champion or the strongest he just wants to be stronger than yujiro

isn't pickle in an african nature reserve now or something?

There hasn't been a single good fight in the sumo arc.
>but jack
It was shit too.

Condoms were funny.

Shibukawa is always entertaining.

Since when? Musashi went to meet him in the sewers

because inside your head is full of shit, no matter what you look at all you see is shit

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I thought he was still just chilling in the tokyo sewers
fucking weird either way by the way, Pickle's a miracle of human nature and science, also showed the capability to learn new things which is actually amazing, and they just left him to his own devices in the sewers lol

nobody knows, including Itagaki