You now remember the hit 2014 romcom Nisekoi

>You now remember the hit 2014 romcom Nisekoi

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Does the author really go full cuck and pair the losers with other guys?

He does whatever the hell he wants

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Worst girl by far and violent cunt of the highest order, never understood how anyone could like this ugly blonde gorilla

what happened to him anyway

only good for NTR

Never stopped thinking about it, Chitoge was easily the best girl

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Disregard shit contempory Japan self-insert harem.
Acquire otome beastman science-phantasy rapeharem instead.

Plus sides:
>Sex scenes actually happen, and happen gloriously
>Protagonist is actually pretty and interesting
>Harem members aren't even in love with the protagonist and just treat the latter as a breeding tool
>16 year old pregnancy
>Beastmen wiith cat-ears and horns and stuff

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I don't know why people still revile this manga as the worst ever when in the grand scheme there's much worse romcoms out there especially now. Just look at Rental Girlfriend it started out with the same basic premise of having to pretend to be a couple but all the characters are way trashier and unlikable. Rental Girlfriend is not even that humorous or romantic either it's just bad. At least this one tried to be funny. Komi is also much worse of a slog and the art degraded so much throughout the years. No one gives a fuck about the romance or the comedy or any of the side characters it's just so unsatisfying to read. Kaguya was funny but it went downhill when they went full fucking Spy Kids taking down conglomerates with cancel culture but played completely straight. And no one gives a fuck about the side character romance. In Nisekoi the mafia shit was always played off as a joke from the beginning. If anything at least you can say Nisekoi was consistent. No bullshit twist contrarian endings. It remained whimsical and light hearted the whole way. It never took itself too seriously. The characters aren't insufferable assholes and the art was pleasant to look at and consistent.

Oh hai! I upgraded your generic waifu.

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You now remember best girl

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>The characters aren't insufferable assholes
How can you say this with a straight face and NOT see that Shitoge was a total cunt nearly the entire time? Are you blind?

No she wasn't. She warms up to him over time. By the end she stopped. That's the point of tsunderes. Not this flip flopping shit. In general tsundere has fallen out of style though.

who is this cutie

>How can you say this with a straight face and NOT see that Shitoge was a total cunt
I just tried to watch the first episode couldn't finish, the guy was insufferable and deserved it for the most part. It's his fault their relationship had to be so hostile.

How could I ever forget my waifu.

>Onodera lost because she couldn't just speak THE FUCK UP AND CONFESS
I don't even remember why I started watching this damn show, I know I never finished it, but this ending lives on in my head in infamy.

Onodera Kosaki best girl, Kurisu and Rin are the only good tsunderes

Kosaki tried confessing, but the author finds ways not to

>violent cunt of the highest order
Tsugumi was worse.

It'd absolutely break my suspension of disbelief if Onodera confessed (she actually did, but only through trmendous amount of courage gathering). The boys are supposed to confess anyway, and he fucking didn't. Imagine forcing the MC together with the main girl by making him unable to confess to the one he liked the entire time, now that's the real asspull

She's just stronger, she also actually feels bad about it

Best girl

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>still no new series since it ended
Where the fuck is he?

Didn't know so many based anons like Onodera, (me too). I thought Any Forums hated doormats?

Gotta love how Chitoge literally never put any effort in making the relatioship remotely work and was constantly a violent abusive cunt to the mc. Even near the end when she started warming up to him she tried to organize a single date and then completely fucked it up because the 2 don't have any mutual interests. Worst couple of all time.

the demographics of Any Forums has changed

Nope, tsunderefags were always just an extremely vocal minority.