Who is your favorite loli in anime Any Forums?

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Take your "haha lolis so epic, muh waifu" mentality back to moeshit you filthy niggers. Leave children shows alone.

Kiki should not be called a loli as she is just a child. Loli implys a sexual connotation.
Only filthy sick in the head niggers go watch WMT/Miyazaki shows and be like "haha just like my lolis!"

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fuck off twitter nigger

>absolute tourist
Every time

It’s the tourist who use ironic weeb lingo. “Ravioli Ravioli don’t lewd the dragon loli! Haha, am I right fellow discord buddies?”. Any Forums denizens realize that kiki is wholesome and appreciate it for that and don’t try to put it in a sexual light.

Don't fuck with Kiki, Yotsuba or Anya please, you ruin wholesomeness for no gain since there's already tons of lolis out there for you

Pedos aren’t satisfied until every child is seen as a sexual object. And worst of all they have no self awareness and don’t realize how obnoxious they are.

This level of sperging out, just for the word loli. To white knight Miyazaki's creepy ass of all people.

All I am saying is to keep your filth outta of innocent wholesome children shows. There are 1000s of moeshit cancer for adults that you can project your filthy thoughts into and you would be in good company among your fellow subhummasn.

It’s like using girls from The Sound of Music or Singin in the Rain to coompost, don’t ruin wholesome things with your filth

I have never seen a single person ever sexualize yotsuba, so I still have hope for this world

They corrupt with glee yet they're the first to screech when anyone censors or even negatively comments on their loli shows

"Moe cancer" is in the eye of the beholder. Your moralfaggotry is not sacred. Not even to drunk Miyazaki.

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For me it's Kazuki Mai
>or Anya
neck yourself newfaggot, you are at least two years too early to post here

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>Watching a recent show makes me a newfaggot

Why do you gotta quote drunk Miyazaki to prove a point? Miyazaki said while sober that Nausicca’s bossoms are for tired men to rest on.
Clearly the love Miyazaki talks about is not sexual love like sick in the head niggers like you seem to interpret it as. Miyazaki makes wholesome shows but sick in the head niggers like you can’t fathom loving a child or bathing with a child like family does in a lot of cultures without jumping to sexual thoughts

Thinking it's legendary or even good makes you one. Now scram

Sorry, I don't trust the dishonest man who was obsessed with showing witch bloomers and falls in love with cartoon characters,still acting above it all. If it comforts your unstable ass, go right ahead. Keep frothing over the word loli to protect your imaginary, wholesome daughterwaifus.

Older people associate youth with optimism, hope and energy, especially doomers like Miyazaki. Not everyone is a pedo like you pedo-kun.

Did I say it was legendary? Just wholesome in the same vein as Kiki and Yotsuba
But yes it's fairly good too

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>Older people associate youth with optimism, hope and energy
>like Miyazaki, lolicon extraordinaire, who needed to see the topless little girls painstakingly animated in Porco Rosso
Nah. Stop trolling.

>topless little girls
>porco rosso
Wtf?! Did you even watch Porco Rosso?

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Why do you feel the need to prove he's a pedo like you? Even if he was, his work still has a different appeal to whatever idolshit it is you like