Urusei Yatsura

About 100 episodes in right now, this anime kind of sucks. For every good episode there are like five or six boring episodes that aren't even worth watching

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Its a 80s tv romcom so that's expected how did you even watch 100 ep of something you don't like

Clearly he simply has willpower

Welcome to every Takahashi work ever.

Piss off shonenfag with goldfish attention span for MTV editing montage

He's a stronger man then me

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this and ranma 1/2 ( watched in my childhood) still on backlog, What I like is the girl who isn't a stundere

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Why do we read this garbage? Just to suffer?

Uresai Yatsura is shounen

Ranma is also filler galore and zero development. It’s incredibly frustrating watching these girls pine over ranma every which way possible and him not responding at all.

You know exactly what i'm talking about

i watched the whole thing (after reading the manga) a few years ago
personally i thought that something like 15% were really great, 70% were good, and only another 15% were bad or unenjoyable
which are pretty good stats for a long-running comedy

I feel the same way OP. I'm going through it now as well. Up to episode 156. Only 1/10th of them are "good". Most are recycling the same joke 50 times, like "Ryuunosuke is not a boy! lol" Like fucking christ man, I got it the first time. She doesn't need to star in every 7th episode with the same gimmick. Then there's just the outright shit "makes no sense at all" episodes that you could replace the cast with anyone and it still wouldn't matter.

I'm going to see it through but it's not good, I agree. Shinobu and the fox was the best so far.

Yes I know, and I completely agree. If you like Urusei Yatsura then you are a shonenfag who should piss off.

It's garbage but the art got pretty nice around episode 100 for awhile

More like 1 good every 10.

>Ranma is also filler galore
Season 1 & 2, the movies, and OAV's are golden.

Just watch the British dubs and you'll be fine

welcome to tv serialized sitcoms about dysfunctional love lives with a supernatural element designed to be aired in random order following the widespread success and popularity of Bewitched

I found it was more like for every 10-15 episodes one was bad, save during the first 20 and last 20 episodes.

Why is Lum such a jealous bitch? Ataru can't even speak to another woman without getting zapped. She's way too overbearing.