How will Guts cope?

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didnt this shit already happen on the sword of hills ?

Farnese will comfort him with her body, but they'll both be unsatisfied.

I really hope Guts can get over Casca choosing Griffith over him, but I just don't think its possible.

This freak out really seemed to come out of nowhere. Fucking Skull Knight with his behelit sword failed to strike down Femto. What was Guts actually expecting with his wrought iron sword? Sure it's been tickled with dragon's blood and the guts of monsters, but it's literally still just a hunk of iron.

what will be trigger for him to go berserk?

>Waifu gets abducted
>This freak out really seemed to come out of nowhere.


This is just setting up the skull knight buddy arc dummy, he's going to brainwash Guts to get ultimate revenge at the cost of his body. Skull Knight is glad that Griffith took Casca because now he has 100% control of Guts.

If he's able to cope, he wouldn't be called the "struggler". Skull Knight knows the secret to defeating Griffith, but won't tell Guts until Guts becomes very desperate.

this is incorrect, his behelit sword was deflected by void, it does have the power to kill femto.

No it wasn't?
And that's a pretty bold claim considering we've never seen SK kill one of the God Hand. Hell, he still hasn't killed Zodd.

Gut's a pussy always was but you fuckers still went haha muh big sword.
No big sword is big enough to cower the fact that you are an even pussy yourself

We've seen Guts go Berserkā„¢ when Casca gets into trouble. Hell, when she was being raped, he tore off his own arm to charge towards here.
Here, he gave up after a couple swings and started crying.

The difference is now Guts couldn't even get close to Casca. Griffith just flew away with her. During the Eclipse he was able to at least kill some monsters and struggle a bit.

Weve always known guts is an emotional guy and he worked so hard to finally get casca back and everything was taken away from him. All for nothing. It makes perfect sense that this time, when he finally thought he could be happy again, he actually lost his will to even fight back properly. Hes tired

This would make sense if the journey has taken a very long time, as it has for us. For Guts, it's only been a couple years since the Eclipse. That's not enough time for the perpetual angry man to be acting like a grandpa with Vietnam flashbacks.

He has the Berserk armor and supa spirit slayer enchant on his sword now

now don't quote me on this but he might go berserk

Why block an attack that won't hurt you?

Humans are emotional creatures. It would be strange for Guts to be angry all the time.

Maybe because the energy in that attack can be applied elsewhere. Like, triggering the giant muslim monster tree into doing whatever bullshit that was again that I'm too lazy to proper look up to reiterate here.

>It would be strange for Guts to be angry all the time
In a manga called Berserk? Of a character named Guts? Who forever wears something called the Berserker Armor?