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How tall was Pica compared to the twin towers?

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Making fun of the biggest tragedy in history...fucking really dude??

>Making fun of the biggest tragedy in history

>the biggest tragedy in history
your birth?

>biggest tragedy in history
You're either an ameretard or baiting. Probably both.

can't fucking believe i forgot yesterday was 9/11 mega cringe


Even pre-timeskip Zoro could take out the Twin Towers.
He learned how to cut steel in ARABasta after all.

I genuinely miss when 9/11 was recent enough that Any Forums made good OC mocking it

nice try glowie

if you want Any Forums OC these days you gotta make it yourself

Why are the leakers so quiet? I'm scared bros

Ameritard moment

Are leakers being silent a good thing for Carrot?



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Redon second hint any moment now

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What's the first one?

>take my hand, son!
Your reaction?

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Ross from friends clapping
Only two hints

>Your reaction?

ask if we can get much higher


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Zoro is for sex.

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More like reactions.

>All the leakers hate the chapter

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with who?

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No, they don’t.

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Carrot is in and there is nothing you can do about it. Besides maybe bomb Oda.

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Koby is CUTE.

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Yes but the second hint is always a proper hint (its obscure tho because these fags are attention whores)

She's in lol

how good is this one piece OC design?

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please die.

People are overlooking the massive shitposting opportunity if Carrot actually is confirmed in

Even if she was in it, Redon will probably make the second hint not related to it.

gay sex with Croco-boy...

Not possible. You furniggers never stop malding over the possibilities and spamming it.

with sanji of course!

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>I challenge you again Shanks!
>but don't send out that monkey this time okay?

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Don't blame me for being on the wrong side of history

It's about time for Uta to appear in the manga

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I'm on team chaos, I want carrot and yamato to join and unjoin as much as possible

>comes in to end Wano faster
>makes Shinobu sexy
>makes Yamato stay

Why aren't you kneeling to him?

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Stop posting, Perona

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Why do you guys think Carrot is gonna suddenly join in 1060 without any build up?

because she has to give her virginity to Sanji. There has bee build up for that.

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It's actually pUta's movie that made Oda rush the Wano ending. Shanks had to promote it so Greenbull was the "proper sacrifice" for that.
I give him credit for the other 2 so I kneel

Since when does Oda do build up and not just randomly throw a character into a scene unexpectedly?