Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

>refuses immortality
>refuses to have sex with tohru
>refuses to eat her tail
What the fuck is her problem?

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>What the fuck is her problem?

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Because she's my heterosexual wife

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>What the fuck is her problem?
Never got over me dropping her after one episode.

They stop posting

its just a matter of time. Tohru already pierced her heart.

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Femcel Makima is CUTE

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she'll change her tune once she figures out how to program epic level spells as smartphone apps and becomes a great wizard of japan

Dragons are uncultured evil savages unlike the morally correct humans. That applies to their degenerate sexuality and other things as well.
The point of the series is Tohru and the others learning how to behave properly, like humans.

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Immortallity is a curse though


sometimes I wonder if she's not lesbian, just asexual and trying REALLY HARD to fit in.

>refuses immortality
the heck?

that’s not a real female

she's retarded

you already made this thread

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She just wants to be an unremarkable individual with a simple life, is that wrong?

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>>refuses immortality
the worst fate imaginable.
>>refuses to have sex with tohru
rightfully so, iruru drools at the sight of kobayashi.
tōru is the bean bitch.
>>refuses to eat her tail
meat looks like the kind of thing you'd reluctantly buy when you're short on money while shopping at a bottom-of-the-barrel market.

kobayashi works for a software development company,
of course she's going to assess things logically.

What's HER problem?

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She's not a lesbian, you moronic liberal fuck.

She's suspicious...

>there will be no season 3
>the manga hasn't introduced a heterosexual love interest for kobayashi after 100+ chapters
she's gay

she's fine with marrying tohru later