Precure had it's 900th episode and it's something only nerds care about so it was just the first part of a two parter! But new power ups soon, but the robot has died... DP continues with movie previews ever day

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I hope we get 900 more.

It's also Kirara's birthday today!

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For as long as humanity exists I don't want little girls to not have Precure

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I thought it was her birthday that one thread like last week where someone posted a million images of her

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Hana > Miyuki > Nozomi
Wedding dresses are the best.

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Tsubomi with her hair down is a miracle of the universe

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I still haven't seen any art of Professor Ran with Professor Himari.
People are really slipping lately.

This Hugtto episode is screwing me up (again).

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Fucked up in that I'm seeing a lot of Professor Ran art, they need to remember what came before

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>building became the final boss
Trucks are no longer a threat

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I love all three

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Hana's haircut feels like a mistake when you see how beautiful an older version of her looks without it.

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Cute and canon

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The distance betwee FW and Hacha is now the same as the distance between Hacha and DP.
It's hard to say that the second half of the franchise is superior to the first half of the franchise, what's left to do is to hope for more moments of brilliance that live up to the old times like GoPri, Hugtto and Star Twinkle.

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