One Piece

Robin will be the first strawhat to

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Kiss Blackbeard


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be forgotten again

*first Strawhat 2
recruited by Luffy's adopted daughter Buffy 40 years later

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>Instantly overtakes 99% of the cast in power

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Hancock was super cute this chapter.

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kill yourself piecetard

Make Luffy read a book

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Make sweet love to meyou said female strawhat…right?

Zoro is for sex.

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Ok nami calm down

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Leo and Mansherry really are Link and Zelda in retrospect.

Now when will Mansherry get a ninja alt

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The tails really ruin their designs.

At least they aren't fat and covered in shit like yours


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How long till we see a cover page with reformed Kaido helping the homeless or some shit?

Zoro and Sanji will have hot, sweaty gay sex on-panel for 10 straight pages in the next chapter.

Then the Sanji is revealed to have a cyborg anus so technically not gay.