Why are fairies generally ignored in isekai harems?

Why are fairies generally ignored in isekai harems?

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She's cute but that's legitimately one of the worst isekai ever written

It is, and that's why it's entertaining.


Because they could potentially be reincarnated perverted old men

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>mind to understand what makes men feel the best
>body of an onahole
What's the problem?

>MC finally had sex
>The end

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Because the audience already owns onaholes.


>finally had sex
Isn't that the one where MC fucks all the girls all the time?

Thats every incelkai

Any isekai stories where at least one girl pees herself multiple times?

Imagine getting a footjob from a fairy. Their soles are probably super soft and smooth, due to them preferring to fly rather than walk.


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Combine all three for the ultimate H work

>new old isekai with sex
aw shit
I take it because MC only fucked in the final page this is just a 1?

i hope the squirrel stays relevant and not get sidelined after the mc's inevitable first pussy encounter.

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Shit, this manga is not without flaws but it's probably the best I have read in the genre. Especially how the romance is well paced for once and also exceedingly cute. The comedy is on point, the sidekick AI and the antagonists are all likable.

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>romance is well paced

Goodness, what a shitpost

That katon house fucking Isekai

None of the main characters fall in love at first sight. Usually the girls are always in awe of and in love with the MC because he's powerful or whatever. Saved her once, she blushes, and now that's a done deal. Here at least the romance makes sense due to their interactions overtime. Granted I have low expectation for the romance in isekai in the first place, but you fucks are all brainrot by shitty isekai you can't even tell good foods from turds anymore

why is this homosexual sexually assaulting a child

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She's gotten too cocky...

He literally fucks in 75% of the chapters user. The final chapters is just him fucking his wives lol. It's a SEXO paradise.