Darkness and Aqua exist just to be treated like shit just so the writer's pet Megumin and self-insert Kazuma can look...

Darkness and Aqua exist just to be treated like shit just so the writer's pet Megumin and self-insert Kazuma can look better.

Notice how the writing of every character is neglected, and Megumin is sterilized even further to appease her fans.

There is no point to this whole fucking cast.

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hope you also get sterilized

Stay mad waifufag.

>he’s still seething

Is it bad that I want a cast of characters that's decently well-rounded for fucking once instead of just fucking ego wank? No, it's all for the popularity polls. Have to appease the fans by highlighting what a perfect pure angel Megumin now is. That's what her whole fucking spinoff is about too.

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Stay mad, faggot.

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There's no point in giving a fuck about a single character in this series. Or any isekai for that matter. It's all the same fucking shit, over and over.

It's a sitcom, what did you expect? The characters already have their established personalities, were you expecting some deep development?

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I like Aqua the best.

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>best girl is the side character who gets barely any screen time

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That's not true at all when it comes to Megumin. He pulls punches with her most of all and takes steps to make her even more "normal" in contrast with the others. That's what makes it dishonest

>implying sitcoms have a point

I wanna fuck Megumin

A sitcom that selectively decides when to stop being goofy or a parody, just to appease the waifufags. Right.

Makes sense why aqua and darkness are insufferable

Delicious butt hurt from op

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This whole series is insufferable

May i suggest mushoku tensei? say what you will about eris, roxy and silphy but none of them are written at the expense of the other.


Megumin's the funniest but Darkness is the sexiest. I'd be dating Megumin, but plowing Darkness on the side like the cum slut she was born to be.

why is there so much konosuba shitposting lately? Anime is coming back next season?