Dasei 67%

its finally finished. Goodbye inertia

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They should have fucked.

>finally finished
bro it's been finished for like a month or two

nishida should've fucked any of the girls desu it was lame seeing him get nothing

It was a pretty disappointing ending. Just kinda ended.

So what does 67 points mean in this context? I don't really get it.

Hopefully Shimimaru makes porn of the slit eyed girl on her fanbox

Didn't really ever have a plot thread going, did it? Just an implied one for nishida eventually fucking something

yes please

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This is the one with the sportsfucker slut who wanted MC's dick? The very fact that the author thought her story needed a character like that more than the MC having sex in stable relationship makes me feel good about never reading this garbage.

>the real Dasei 67% was the friends we made along the way
bravo shimi

That's usually what happens in ecchi series that aren't explicitly romcoms.

Post more Slit-eyed Cat Slut


i wanted all the girls to get boyfriends while mc gets nothing

I wanted all the girls to be my girlfriends including the mc

He'll die a virgin, that's good enough.

You could say it was only.... 67% done

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A 67 out of 100 points day I guess

This manga consistently sucked and I'm extremely surprised it lasted as loooong as it did before getting the soft axe.

He should've gotten that stinky pussy bro

>the whore literally killed the manga
l m a o