I will protect Miko from the ghosts.

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Yulai's black goth nails

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Would you?

I would dress up like this and kill myself just to be her guardian ghost

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Can you protect her from her haunted stalker girlfriend and soon to be wife?

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Easily the coolest design Niher2xxvi's ever done

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When's the next chapter?

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Maybe this Friday or next

Me too

Feels like it's been forever.

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Yeah, hope the hospital arc pays off

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I wish I was a ghost to rape miko.

I was denied of mieruko x mitama crossover.
I will never forgive the Japanese.

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If you think about it, the quickest and easiest way to protect her from the ghosts is to remove her eyes and stop her from leaving the house. She might complain and cry about it, but I'd take responsibility by feeding her, giving her lots of sexual pleasure, and occasionally changing which arm is chained to the basement wall

Why is Miko so erotic?

She has victim eyes, this trait makes hot-blooded men want to either do terrible sexy things to her, or protect and do loving sexy things to do her

Ah, but can you protect her from my dick?

Miko will get fucked by the ghosts.

How tall are you and what color is your dick?

Depends what color it is.

Even when she uses the toilet?

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