I'mm glad some.manga actually criticize cohabitation

I'mm glad some.manga actually criticize cohabitation

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I'm not.

Fuck marriage.

Antimarriage fags are mentally ill

Its always the societies with the ultra high suicide rates and nonexistent birthrates who hate marriage the most

Marriage is an economic contract made by two people/parties.
You only let authorities (government, religion, etc.) to get involve in it when you yourself is unable to defend your side in case the other side violated the said contract.

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> in case the other side violated the said contract.
So it's sharia saving the day then.

You are discussing marriage as it has been twisted, divorced from spirituality. In this, I agree. A common-law contract is meaningless and frankly insulting when compared to the majesty of true union.

Spirituality has been diminished and demeaned constantly throughout our lives. The paper shouldn't matter, but marriage is more than a piece of paper.


If the spiritual aspect of the "union" the thing that matters the most, then why does formalizing this with an official ceremony matter? Let alone for the Japanese who marry in a church for the romanticism, not out of faith? Spirituality exists outside of societal norms.

He IS old-fashioned, people aren't comfortable proposing marriage the moment a relationship gets serious anymore.
"Getting serious" basically is just step 1 for even considering marriage, people commonly live together for months if not years before either is ready to make it official.

Eh, I've been thinking half the reason so many people jump from relationship to relationship is because housing is so expensive in Burgerland.
A soft form of prostitution that is now covered by the hook-up culture. Not that people weren't getting married for the similar reasons throughout time.

Give me one good argument for getting married and having kids

Every thing the Japanese do is motivated by either money or filial piety.

Sacramentals are an aspect of that spirituality

>Muh marriage was always about love
Weird how throughout human history royalty knew who their children would inevitably be perfect romantic partners for despite never having met said partner let alone the children being married off meeting said partner.


royalty only applies to one segment of society while marriage and courtship are both universal phenomenons found in each culture. Political motivations only occur after.

The dad allowed it in the end anyway

So when you stop been horny you can be happy.
Also your check list for the girl is gonna be
Is she insane
If yes do not marry no matted how hot she is.
Does she have a penis if yes look for new girl.

And for most of these cultures, in most strata of society, marriage was a practice mainly performed by patriarchs who used their daughters as a resource in exchange for the social benefits of family union. Historically even, love was usually reserved for passionate flings specifically outside of marriage. Not as a prerequisite for it in any way like it started becoming after modernity.

While cohabitating eventually the line about who owns what gets blurry, imagine one party dies and the family comes and claims that everything belongs to them now and produces evidence, or that both people are hoping to buy heavy things together, like an apartment.
You want peace of mind without damaging the relationship, so you get married.

Living together with someone for long periods of time is challenging, as most people are boring, so the awkward silences or monotone talks (do x, how was work, etc.) are going to keep increasing; people introduce things like pets or trips, but how long can you do that? It's just embarrassing and worrying. So you get a kid.

There's a reason marriages and divorces are so widespread, two incomes is simply universally more convenient, sex is just a bonus. Anti-marriage mentality exists only in people that don't understand the point of getting married, they're not the opposite of romanticist pro-marriage people, they're the same, they've been equally influenced and can't see past that.