Oshi no Ko

Chink spoilers, jumping forward another six months, Ruby's dominance is absolute.








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another timeskip?


>MEM and Kana became artists attached to Ruby instead

The spoilers are basically a list of Ruby dominating everything and everyone.

Even super detective Akane was better than this

Keikaku TL note: Keikaku means plan Ruby is literally too strong, and I'm afraid that only Aqua can stop her. She'll be close to losing herself and Aqua will bring her back, Rubybros we're going to win the bowl.

>Miyako can't keep up and is overwhelmed
>Aqua asking old prez to come back
Shit just how much work did she pull in.

reminder that you faggots asked for a ruby arc

Sex with Ruby

Get in line.

I didn't, I wanted more Kana shenanigans.

>time skip
>1 shit arc that barely focuses on only one character
>another time skip instead of developing this shit naturally
Is he bored with this manga?

>Kana shenanigans.
Those are shit

Yes and I'm loving it. That love triangle dogshit went on for far too long. I don't give a fuck about Kana either

>time skip another six months
How long is it going to take for Aqua and Akane to have sex for the first time? What a hack author.

deleted from the manga because everyone hated the love triangle

We know, Aqua.

I think it's safe to say that Aka has lost the plot

You'd expect Ruby to mention the whole "I'm trying to get famous in order to kill whoever killed mama, JUST LIKE YOU!" thing to Aqua, Doesn't she still think that's what he's doing? Wouldn't she want to work together if they both want the same thing?

Wishful thinking, Kanacuck

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The entire plot is written under the retarded premise that they just almost never directly talk about fucking anything.

>another six months
How old is everyone now? Is Memcho 30 yet?