Jojo and main villain stands from here on out

So how does Araki top the main villain stand from Part 8? Wonder of U is by far the strongest stand in the entire series, being one of the few that stands a chance at beating GER.

We've seen that Araki makes main villain stands busted as hell, what will the next main villain of Jojolands' stand be like?

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Araki will die before making that far with 9, especially if the faggot is going to make it longer than 8.

>Araki will die
He's immortal.

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it's in the title. The main villian's stand is the Dark Continent

This meme has been cringe for the last 30 years and will achieve cringe requiem when the dude croaks and everyone starts forcing
>Araki will come part 3 of our IRL!!
Or something equally spastic. I hope he dies before even starting 9

Depending on how its written, MiH is possibly stronger.
MiH=WoU=D4CLT>The World>King Crimson> Killer Queen

King crimson > The world because with King Crimson comes the ability to see 10 seconds into the future, and so if someone were to try and use the world against a user with king crimson, they would know and could use his main ability to kill him.

the final boss of jojo will be araki himself. the last panel will be jojo using his new powerup to attack 'Fate' itself, directed at the 4th wall, and Araki will be found dead in front of the finished page IRL

What the fuck did a chinese cartoon artist ever do to you, to wish death upon him?

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with how jojo power levels work metallica or fucking speedwagon ends up beating wonder of u

The villain will have no stand. He uses nothing but intelligence and charisma to torment the protagonists.

>Wonder of U
What a shitter, Giorno or Johnny could no dif the fag. Any protag could considering the villain always loses


they have a stand that lets them turn pepole into a dog.

I hope that Araki throws caution to the wind and makes Part 9 Jorge Joestar tier in terms of scale and complexity.

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Araki will die before part 9 finishes and without your shounenshit keeping the depressive thoughts at bay, you'll kill yourself to make yourself dead like your favorite hack.
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You already replied to that post.

I think WoU is #5. GER is definitely stronger. Tusk Act IV has much higher throughput. S&W Go Beyond obviously beat it. Then you've got D4C Love Train which would beat WoU in a direct confrontation because the calamity would be directed elsewhere. So WoU is #5.

Just letting you know what to expect from your dark future, jojonigger

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