Yuyu shiki

Yukari is wholesome cutie for all ages

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why does she sit like that?

Maybe her butt hurts.

conducive to cute laughter

No, it wasn't.

Yukari is the strongest.

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from what?

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Why the fuck are you replying to a post from 2013?

But it was good

The speculum used to hold her anus open so Yui could impregnate her by peeing in her butt.
Because it's nine years later and A-Channel still wasn't good.

Because A-Channel was that good.

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No, it wasn't.

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A-Channel is better than K-on and Yuyushikii

Get a load of this newfag.

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Only three anime are equal to or better than K-ON: ARIA, Non Non Biyori and Hidamari Sketch.
A-Channel is Hinako Note-tier. Koisuru Asteroid-tier.

When was this determined? By whom? What commitee made this decision?

The Data Processing Club made this determination after hours of research utilizing the search engine at polyaness.com


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I love you!

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