Made in Abyss

Love Eilu.

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>Riko, the Sovereign of Children
>Prushka, the Unrestricted
>Reg, the Aubade
>Nanachi, the Blessed
>Faputa, the Embodiment of Value
Who the fuck can stop them?

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>Ozen gets to tap this ass every single night

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Imagine the sex

Good thing Irumyui vored you, mutant crow from layer 6.

Marulk needs a virile adult man in his life.

Intense babymaking and backbreaking hugging with Nishagora.....

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Would you?

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Nishagora is definitely for hugs.

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Good LORD the absolute PADDING of those thighs.

What do we know of this guy so far?

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Hes old and he went to the 6th layer without using the ritual site

He made his last dive and he's known as the Lord of Guidance. That's all I think.

Anal sex.

nanachi got a pretty nice 3d model in the game so I eagerly await plenty of 3d porn animations by the end of the month

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are the image hosting servers fucking up tonight, or is it just me?

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"At the bottom of the netherworld I'll be waiting" -Aki

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The game's 3D models are pretty great

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yeah they really do look nice, I think because of tsukushi's game developing background his artstyle is tailored to look good when reproduced in 3d

What kind of relic allow you to save scum?

He was a character designer at Konami right?

Finally caught up
Wow, the last few chapters have a drastic change in mood/tone/whatever
It's way more cheery and feels like a buddy comedy adventure now. Surely this won't last much longer.

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The Rigged Samsara Reloader, 1st-Grade Relic.

Yeah, he worked on the Elebits games and an obscure DS RPG game that I don't remember the name of.

Guys... let Ozen to be happy for once, she don't need to be cucked again by another man...

yeah, for 10 years too

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He's on fire.

mark is for nat

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No. Ozen is destined to become a seething womancel forever until time itself ends

given how his whistle is whale-shaped and he swam through the sea of corpses instead of using the elevator, he probably fucks dolphins

Nat for getting NTRed by Marulk's many ojisan clients

Most normal white whistle

I 100% would kidnap little ozen and make her my cuddle slave

What about Marulk inviting Nat to help him with his clients? I bet that Nat would get to kiss Marulk at least one time in a session.

>Wakuna just has a harem of nubile fishgirl narehates at his disposal
Sounds excessively based desu.
Also wouldn't be surprising considering how much he's playing Splat Tim

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I love belako so much i'd die for her

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