Happy 9/11 Any Forums !

Happy 9/11 Any Forums !

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Happy 9/11, ninibros!


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ninisis for you :)

In my country USA's 9/11 gets outshined each year by another explosion

Wrong board, stupid kid...

Reminder that there are posters on Any Forums right now who weren’t alive when this happened.

Trips of truth

They missed out the BIG NEWS!

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I feel people forgot that 9/11 was today because of the queen's death

At some point, there will be more people on Any Forums born after 9/11 than before. Just think about how shit this website will be at that point.

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>At some point, there will be more people on Any Forums born after 9/11 than before
That point happened years ago.

I don't think it does.

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But it's 11/9 (or 12/9 in my time zone). 9/11 is still a ways off


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Not even Japan does day/month. Good luck sorting dates that way, too. Year/Month/Day is the best for sorting, followed by just leaving out Year or putting it at the end if it isn't needed for context.

You're an idiot.

Burgers have the worst dating system on the planet

Yeah, put the month before the day, because people totally care about the month when they're sorting documents they just received, that are obviously from that month.

ponytail iori hnnnngg

That dating system is literally an ISO standard that every system uses. It's only extrapolated for day/month for retarded euros like yourself

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too soon

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I have 0 fanart of ponytail Iori, which is weird considering it was in the show. Have a twintail Iori.

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muh hart
muh sole



See thisand then kneel. Programmers literally have to go out of their way to convey dates in your inefficient, backwards way.

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Are you retarded or just pretending?

bless you user
you have touched my heart (and my dingus)

I accept your concession.