>Big Tits
>Big Cock
She’s literally perfect.

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holy fuck shut up

I agree. I think she should fuck Aqua on the weekends.

once she removes her penis in order to show her undying love for me, yes


Get rid of the fucking cock

>holy fuck shut up

>>Big Cock
You’re not trolling, are you? Please tell me you’re not trolling.

>he doesn't know

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so were they a female and gained a penis. or are they a guy who got breasts?

lmao at trannies who do this.
You just lost all your value and are now a sub 5 "woman" with no dick.

They were always intersex. All chimeras are male/female/animal/human hybrids by default. She just made herself a full-on woman aside from the penis.

nope, the evil villain of this show is in-fact a tranny

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w-what show is this? asking for SWIM

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Eat shit and die.

A. She's not the villain of the show, she's the villain of the movie.
B. She's physically both sexes. Not transitioning.
C. Konosuba.
How's about I make you eat my cock.

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Sorry bro, you have to deal with the same template threads over and over again.

I think i've seen this thread before

>Telling anyone to leave

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Yeah bitch.

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And I'll never get tired of seeing it!