One Piece

1.The Mero-Mero no Mi was heavily implied to be important /very powerful this chapter
2.Hancock said that her power is nothing without her beauty
3.Vegapunk can make copies of Devil Fruits
Thus, we can conclude that, in order to make a even more powerful Mero-Mero no Mi user than Boa herself, the WG cloned Hancock and turned her into a tanned loli angel with lasers.

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fuck oda,
What could've been

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There's no way to justify Koby defeating Hancock. He's too weak.

>what would actually have been

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The fucking catalog

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>3 new threads when two of them haven't hit bump limit yet
Worse than KPOP fags

Uta is the final nakama

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-Chapter 1060 spoilers by Tuesday
-Full summary by Wednesday
-Raw early morning hours Thursdays
-Translated chapter by Thursday/Friday
-Viz Official Translation on Sunday
-Ignore Leakerfags and refrain from posting WorstGen/Twitter caps in the threads, thanks.

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best OP game

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I'll do what I want fag


Good, carrot and yamato threads should be avoided.
We left wano and neither joined, let the nakama cancer die.

fuck off back to worstgen

Carrot is joining.

lesbian orgy

There was already a thread up you pedo freak. Stop spamming.

>4 hour carrotthread
>not even 100 posts
Yeah, sure. Keep bumping it for yourself.

Can the Janny hurry up and delete some of these fucking threads

>carrotcancer calling others spammers
that thread was made even before the last one and was only kept alive because of spam. The OP is also completely irrelevant and doesn't compel any discussion, only more carrotposting spam.

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I don’t give a shit retards
Just pick a thread

>Vegapunk can make copies of Devil Fruits

How do you win against this

10 berries on Medusa/Gorgon mythical zoan

bring down WG before vegapunk can start shiting out kizaru clones

Just challenge them to 200m freestyle at the pool

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you clearly didn't play PW3

>The OP is also completely irrelevant and doesn't compel any discussion, only more carrotposting spam.
This threads OP is basically just some faggot begging pedo's to talk about Hancock again. Fuck off.

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