Is Kokkoro the greatest loli character of the 2020s?

Is Kokkoro the greatest loli character of the 2020s?

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Other urls found in this thread: short answer is no,a mom with large breasts.

I hear the most a loli leik bread, the greater she is

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i want to marry and impregnate Peco!!!

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>whole personality is "I love le food"
4/10 would bang if desperate

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big boobs (that's a lot of milk for a baby) and loves food (that's a lot of milk fuel)

Breast size has nothing to do with how much milk you produce. That's a myth. short answer is no,a mom with large breasts.

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She's great but no. She's not even the best loli in her game.

that's literal chestless cope

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Who is it then?
Yeah, science is just cope.
Also Kokkoro is a kid and most likely hasn't done growing yet.

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>hasn't growing yet
so you have to nakadashi her very strong so you can fortify her bones and make her grow big and beyond

Can Kokkoro handle my fat adult cock though?

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vagina is flexible

I hope she stays flat when she's done growing.

Absolutely not, very mid

She is, but then again, there is a distinct lack of lolis (particularly JS) in 2020s anime.
Hopefully that changes.

Yeah, bigger breasts = more milk myth needs to stop.
Preconception breast size doesn't matter.

Definitely not. You'd break her and turn her into a drooling idiot

Literally me.

Sounds fun.
I love me some mindbreak. I want to get Kokkoro addicted to my terrifying white, slightly curved, uncircumcised, 18 centimeters in length, 14 centimeters in girth, trouser monster. I want her to think about nothing but sex, sex, and more sex all day.

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Kokkoro has got some great mind control doujins for a weak willed loli. When it comes to mind break, I like a little struggle, but Kokkoro comes across as someone who would just fold at the sight of adult dick.

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>Is [***] the greatest [***] of [***]?
Template thread?


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Only Evil Kokkoro

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You seriously came here to say that? Take a look to the catalog fag.