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Nozomu Itoshiki is depressed. Very depressed. He’s certifiably suicidal, but he’s also the beloved schoolteacher of a class of unique students, each charming in her own way: The stalker. The shut-in. The obsessive-compulsive. The girl who comes to class every day with strange bruises. And Kafuka, the most optimistic girl in the world, who knows that every cloud has a silver lining. For all of them, it’s a special time, when the right teacher can have a lasting positive effect on their lives. But is that teacher Itoshiki, a.k.a. Zetsubou-sensei, who just wants to find the perfect place to die?

Chapter 223: Pluck or No Pluck?

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marrying and impregnating the female students aas their sensei!

Elaborate on that.

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And that's all for today. I sure hope there aren't any budding criminals among us. What's your favorite tea?

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Kafuka scary
Clerk chan has come a long way, an idol, and now another of sensei's love interests.
I don't really drink tea so I guess I'll go with iced.

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I'm amazed people still draw SZS fanart to this day
are there any good SZS doujins?

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no. all of them are duck degeneracy

I like white tea, it's very refreshing
>Kafuka scary
Optimists have the worst bad sides

this chapter has 1 Tsunetsuki, 1 pantyshot, 2 Uropen, 0 Amakudari-sama, 1 Miss Sakurai Yoshiko, 1 stork and baby, 7 stick dog, 1 black tear, 0 Mr. Asou Tarou, 0 Mr. Abe Shinzou, 0 eye of darkness, 1 AAA, 1 Kiyohiko, 0 god sticker, 1 Nyannyan, 1 funny sticker, 0 "The manga world shall be at peace." 0 Sento-kun, 1 Sanosuke, 1 Mr. Ishiba Shigeru, 1 Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, 1 文化庁, 2 something with various parts removed, 9 Sakai Noriko, 0 友愛, 0 gap demon, and 2 pigeon. Didn't see any others. 文化庁 is translated to Agency of Cultural Affairs

>no. all of them are duck degeneracy
ah, that's a shame, I would want to see a nice vanilla Kafuka and Sensei doujin


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