Girls und panzer/Guppie thread

Because other one hit limit and I want to keep talking about it
How can a fascist leader be so moved and subservient to the commons?

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Also post your current favorites guppie
For me it’s tomboy miho

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making the tank girls stick a "married mom in board" sticker in their tanks!!!

basado rojopastillado y embarazopastillado

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LoliDarj... correction

I saw daikon wars too
There’s no way the school is that big right?
B-but there are no males?

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Who’s the father


Is it canon she has the fluffiest hair?

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Yuuki > Koume > Romanian Koume > Austrian Yukari > Yukari > frog Yukari

>youngest girl on team have the fluffiest hair than oba Chans like yukari
What did they mean by this

Paizuri class starts in 10 minutes

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>get to class on panzer IV
>it breaks down
Thanks Germans

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I don't really have one. My top five in no particular order:
Erika - same VA as my all-time favourite VN heroine. Erika herself is pretty cute as well, and one of the more developed guppies in the anime/movies even though that doesn't really mean much
Mika - also happens to be voiced by a VA that did a really cool VN character. Lovely voice. Aside from that I like the more relaxed attitude and the kantele. Very cute design. I like greyish hair/eyes and I know it sounds weird but I also like how voluminous her head looks.
Nishi - I like how Chi-ha-tan turned out to be the guerrilla tactics school. Reminds me of stuff I read about the Japanese in WW2. I can also appreciate their fondness of charging since it is undoubtedly extremely cool. Cavalry charges are the coolest even when they don't work. Nishi is the face of her school so she makes the list. Also great design. I love straight black hair.
Maho - Cool and calm senpai feeling. Great doujinshi.
Shizuka - I love her manga. It's probably my favourite piece of GuP media. Her design is so-so but she's a wonderful MC.

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she gets a high out of it

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Prime age

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Based in depth analysis user
Your service is noted

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For tank driving right?

Mako: Cute cat and comfiest girl.
Marie: Cute and not fat at all.
Assam: Smartest girl and lovely 5head.
Nina: Cutie that did nothing wrong.
Alisa: Cutie that did NOTHING wrong.

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Uhh she’s on the same frequency of darjeeling if not a bit more

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Of course, only tank talk.

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Darjeeling is sleeping
Protect her against the chechens Any Forums, only if I can say the same for the wifi

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>same frequency of darjeeling if not a bit more
But she is her tard wrangler.

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She says she has a boyfriend in episode 1 or 2.


I'm sorry user.
And yes, that was her talking and while I am a dekinai I'm pretty sure kare (kareshi?) means boyfriend

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