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Why does this random grunt have a longer, deeper and better backstory than Kaido, a decade long saga antagonist?

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Because Senior Pink is a good character.

Oda is a hack.

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I don't know about all that, but I love Nico Robin.

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Fucking based, Senor Pink for nakama.

Because you don't need a sad backstory to be a good villain.

>we will never see Senor Pink again in the main story

If Toei ever did a Dragon Ball Kai style revision of the One Piece anime, how would it compare to One Pace?

I'm edging. Post soft-coom.

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I want Zoro to sit on my face after not showering for a week.

One Pace is a horribly chopped up mess so I imagine it would at its worst be better.

Because Pink is a real character while Kaido is just another vessel to wank Oden.

First post, best post.

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Reminder that Oda apparently writes elaborate backstories for every character.
Senor Pink's was just so good that the editors insisted that Oda include it.

You don't want it

Because Osa wanted Franky to have an opponent that he deserves. Oda fucking loves Franky, no matter what these illiterate doomers say.

me on the left

I don't remember anything about his backstory. I do however remember Kaido's backstory because it's so dogshit

So why didn't Sasaki being Kokoro's son happen?

Everyone had a flashback in Dressrosa.

>I don't remember anything about his backstory
Is that you Kizaru?

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that's a very cute Carrot

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>Reminder that Oda apparently writes elaborate backstories for every character.
I feel like he doesn't really have the time for that
I could see him give every character at least a basic backstory THOUGH

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He killed the queen…

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A bigger question is why we didn't get Denjiro having another conversation with Sasaki after his defeat or at least Oda having him go back and drag him out of Onigashima, even if he was deceiving him; given I just don't see Franky not commenting on their relationship, since he'd literally be the third party. The entirety of the Flying Six all felt like they had bigger stories that Oda ran out of time to tell.

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Queen and King aren't dead user, Raizo and Shinobu survived.

Real talk, how strong is this guy? Magma seemed strong pre-ts but is it still strong after it? I mean, Magma killed Kaido and Big Mom, but does that mean Magma > Dragons?

>Big Mom got a few chapters about her life in Elbaf plus a little Rocks backstory
>Kaido literally got half a chapter of flashback panels that are all years apart showng him in his teens to after Yamato was born
The longest One Piece Arc in history, by far, was wasted on this villain

Because Oda is on maximum rush mode

kuzan has appereantly a bounty of 3.3B

Oda forgot to include it.
Sometimes he forgets to draw things, and other times he forgets he already drew things.

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Why are you believing Un-Amed when he has time and time again said, even earlier today, that he is out of the spoiler world? God you people are so dense.

But kaido is shit villain. He is literally the canon version of bullet

Not every character has to have a tear jerking backstory. Kaidos backstory is short and precise, it tries to tell what shaped Kaido to be the gigantic fightfag that he is and his belief that militarism and war is the answer to everything.

Past hints at Kaido's past
>World's strongest "creature", so naturally invulnerable that not even suicide works
>Trying to make Momo renounce his family name to survive
>Pirate betrayal
>Onis and humans
>Circumstances of Yamato's birth

Actual Kaido past

Then what do you need to be a good villain?
And what does Kaido have that would make him good?

Seeing Wano makes me think of this

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Because Senor Pink was a fat dude wearing baby clothing while constantly swarmed by chicks. He naturally had a backstory to explain why that was the case.
Kaido on the other hand, was simply a strong warmonger, what about that needs a backstory?

Onis aren’t actually a thing.

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It's been days and I can't stop thinking about brown angel cunny. Help

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>Be autistic
>See hints where there are none
>None of them come true
Maybe it's possible you were just wrong and are a narcissist.