Why are girls in isekai so cavalier about physical relationships?

Why are girls in isekai so cavalier about physical relationships?

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Because isekai writers are retarded

hard to explain

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Japanese fantasy/isekai writers are forced by the government to make the male readers believe that females are knowledgable about as well as interested in a sexual relationship. In reality this is not the case.

Accidental Harem of Extras

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Make sure to give the slaves you want to buy a proper inspection before comitting. God knows what kind of diseases they carry.

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Yeah, I'm really sure it's anything other other than isekai writers' own wish fulfilment.

Thats why you should have a sex slave taster to make sure the new slaves are safe to use.

>evolution and power-up straight out telling you to breed
Very based concept.

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I love evil ladies so much, bros. How about an isekai where the MC gets summoned to be the warden in a maximum security prison for female inmates? He's the only guard on shift and amongst the inmates are only the most evil villainesses, demon lords and whatnot. A place full of sexually frustrated evil ladies with too much time on their hands and one OP MC who has to keep them in check.

Not a problem. Just cast cure disease.


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Isekai writers don't have any wishes or a free will.
They are machines that produce propaganda.

Didn't the Akame ga Kill author just start releasing this exact manga

It's alright I have a heal cheat. I can even restore her hymen and wipe her memories.

This brat needs correction

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I wouldn't be surprised, dhibi did a doujin like that, but his (her?) art isn't that great.

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that's like, completely backwards though?
especially in japan, it's the men who aren't pursuing sexual relationships at all

>females are knowledgable about as well as interested in a sexual relationship
They are this but not when it's with you.

>In the world I was reincarnated in everyone gets a job when they come of age but I was granted the holy job ~Slave Taster~ and so the king sought my services for the good of the realm

Baby-making SEX with goddesses!

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>restore her hymen and wipe her memories
>have a girl's first time every time
a blessed cheat, just imagine all the ways you could make her yours

I know of a female prison isekai buy that a lesbian manga

They pure, adam and eve wasn't embarrassed about their nakedness until after they got corrupted by eating the fruit.

They're definitely not knowledgeable, at least.

Why are MCs always either full blown perverts or backbonless little bitches?
That shit is sooo overdone..

Yeah, it's at that point she became a literal fertility goddess.

>get summoned to another world
>make your dream country
>immediately get conquered
Women can't do anything right.

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It would be so much hotter if they were a bit cavalier about it but didn't do penetrative sex because they aren't all on magical birth control.

Wasn't the black shota gang ruled by her isekai'd friend?