Ten years ago, by the end of episode 1, we thought this was going to be the anime of the generation

>ten years ago, by the end of episode 1, we thought this was going to be the anime of the generation

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And it was


I don't know in yours stranger, but in this dimension, it was quite like that

it was an epoch making show yes

SAO went to shit the moment it started timeskipping.
The whole story was set up to be about how Kirito became the bone of his sword and Reki is too much of an idiot to properly write that.

Progressive was supposed to redeem it but has slowly became the Asuna show featuring Mosquirito-kun

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I thought it'd actually be the wow raiding anime I wanted to see.
People progressing trough a pve struggle with the associated elements of gear progression, consumables, building a group of people to do it with and progressively more difficult encounters.

But no, it was a boy and girl fall in love in second life: the anime.

>But no, it was a boy and girl fall in love in second life: the anime.
It wasn't even that because the boy was building up a harem of secondary girls half the time

I watched all of SAO, read up to volume 6 or 7 of Progressive
Played 2 of the games.
It's an okay franchise

You are now aware that the SAO web novel was written in 2002, 20 years ago.

Hollow Fragment is by far the best thing to come out of SAO. I wish a studio would take the mechanics and use them to make a proper game.

I didn't play Fragment, I played Realization and Lycoris.
idk who designed the combat in Lycoris but someone is a defense fetishist on the dev team, you have it all
>perfect guarding
>command countering
>perfect dodging
But the rest of the game doesn't accommodate the elder kino Royalguard system that Defense Autist-kun put into the game, it's fucking weird.

Please. Being trapped in a virtual world was already an old concept by the time SAO came out. There were several movies like Matrix (1999), the thirteen floor (1999) or Avalon (2001) not to mention anime like .hack//SIGN (2002). SAO (2012) arrived 10 years later to the party and brought absolutely nothing new to it.

Have you heard of a concept being codified, retard? Some of the most beloved stories aren't the ""first"", they're just the best told versions of an older story. And SAO was looking to be just that in the beginning

HF is just Freedom Wars with less stupid grinding mechanics

but SAO wasn't the actual thing that created the isekai boom

>Played 2 of the games
I bought one for almost nothing on steam and it felt like an extremely generic MMO except single player

I wanted to have sex with Leafa and found the combo system enjoyable enough to get a good amount of time out of it

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>SAO was 10 years ago
i remembered the hype and threads

Kill yourself vlc fag

According to whom? SAO has never even been good, let alone the best. It`s execution of the concept is mediocre and the characters are uninteresting even by modern isekai standards. Maybe if your definition of best is to have an OP main character surrounded by a harem of sexy girls and some cool fights the show is serviceable but that`s it. Plenty of shows just like it these days.

seethe harder

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