Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 37 part 2


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Stop posting your cumdump aizen nobody wants to see it


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Hiyori is an ugly gremlin

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She said the thing

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>By the look of your face I can already tell we are in the perfect route ending, onna.

LMAO i thought Aizen came back to kill Orihime before she finished her sentence from

Thanks viz I appreciate

she's putting a lot of faith in ulquiorra not killing her right there and then

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Sad Orihime is kinda pretty desu

>I knew the guide wasn't lying

A better ending tbqh.

>Orihime is back on the saga
Because the fun had to stop, right?


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>these six hearts will combine to form Engine-Oh G6!

>heart? what is a heart???? i cannot comprehend this "heart".......

Still can't get over how cool Ichigo's bankai is.

Reposting here but that's a mistranslation from Viz.
Should be more like
>Get to work and do the thing you thought of doing in a worst-case scenario after hearing about the incident from Hirako for the first time

I can't believe Kubo would rip off that game like this, what a fucking hack.

Midnight swimming on a moonlit beach with Lilynette.

>The hearts

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me on the left

fuck you
this le ebin irony shit is annoying as hell

Human bonds.

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One of the comfiest spreads in all of Shonen. Made it my wallpaper instantly back in the day.

Orihime mogging Rukia. Again

Always loved the Rukia in this one.

The bread girl with the bread again

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>renji has to use a bowling ball carrier to carry a watermelon
Weak. Pathetic.

Shinji wrote this.

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And then Rukia and Ichigo went off on their own stuff together

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69 with Kensei!

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>rukia just laying next to a huge cock and balls

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A good theme that lasted this arc and to the next arc imo.

Too bad TYBW doesn’t really have a heartfelt theme like this

he has a small peepee

is this xxxholic?

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i kneel

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I feel like we've had this same monologue at least 3 times now.