Jashin-chan Dropkick

Her time has cum

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First for snek is best.

Fuck Per-chan!

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This, she is the stupidest character I have ever seen.

Ecute's dumber

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As expected of a modern vampire.

>Ecute is a fishmalk
It all makes sense now.

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I am cum

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Minos has good taste. Crawfish are good.

Gross. Where is the lewd snek.

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I want to FUCK that retarded vampire.

>crawfish are good
Too little meat

Yurine should try new things

I will agree with you on that, but It's a great get together food. You never really get full and you can drink and eat all night.

She should try and smile on occasion and stop being a salty cunt now and then.

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You're a fag. Everyone wants to see snek nudes not gay vampires.

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>this is your brain in serpentine cultism