Being stronger than other people doesn't give you the right to force your worldview on them

>being stronger than other people doesn't give you the right to force your worldview on them
>mc uses his overwhelming power to force the villains to follow his worldview

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how can you be too stupid to understand the simple morals in mob?
its not about forcing worldviews on others, its about having self awareness that talent doesn't automatically make you special or give you a fulfilling life

>>mc uses his overwhelming power to force the villains to follow his worldview
He doesn't though.

Yeah being a strong psychic doesn't make you better than normal people. That's why the villains were stopped by non-psychics.... Oh wait no the villains were stopped by the most powerful psychic in the world who never had to train a day in his life.

That "moral" has about as much weight as Naruto saying hard work is as important as natural talent.

Naruto was never about hard work vs talent you dumb autist

I can't tell if you're a liar trying to win an argument or just stupid.

If I was stupid I would have bought into the Naruto was originally about hardwork vs talent meme like you

Ok so you're just an idiot.

Mob beating the shit out of them doesn't force his worldview on them.
He demonstrates that their worldview is wrong because it goes both ways.

>complain nonstop about talk-no-jutsu
>complain about brute force behavioral correction
never change Any Forums

Did you even watch the show you fucking idiot? Watch it again until you understand how fucking stupid you're.

>might is right is wrong
>to prove it's wrong I'll use my overwhelming strength to fodderize you and make your opinions irrelevant
You've just proven the villains point.

Nice non-argument.

Dude even Rock Lee is stated to be a genius you retard, he just can't do ninjustu he's still a prodigy when it comes to taijustu

>Any Forums is one person

He's called a "genius of hard work", the entire point of his character is that he's not naturally talented he just works really hard. Notice when he was a kid he sucked until Guy took him under his wing, if he was naturally talented he would've already been the best in his class instead of dead last. And it's not just Rock Lee, Naruto vs Sasuke, Hinata vs Neji, were both painted as hard working losers vs naturally gifted geniuses.

Mob is self-help arm chair philosophy run of the mill battle shounen written by a hikkimori neet and I am genuinely sad such good production values are being wasted on this mediocrity

The morals are still forced on others, it's really blatant with Reigen 1000%. He tells Mob it's okay to run away but mob just overloads him with power and he uses it to talk down on the scar members. A scene like that wouldn't work if Mob wasn't contrivedly powerful.

iirc mob doesn't shove his ideals down his opponent's throats, he just kicks their ass with his absurd power and then they cope and seethe at why this literal-who just beat them within an inch of their life until they get humbled

Any Forums is quite literally one person.
Everyone else is a bot.

villains, much like women, do not deserve basic human rights

>having powers doesn't make you special, see? you just got beat up by a specialer guy with bigger powers

What gets me is that Mob Psycho and One Punch Man are very similar plotwise(op mc easily beats everyone and the drama is more around interpersonal relationships) but thematically they're like night and day.
Saitama trained and risked his life to achieve godlike power, Mob was born with it.
Saitama does what he does because he finds it fun and wants to do it, Mob does what he does because he was tricked by a conman.
The two biggest villains in OPM are fan favorites and actually have a point. Boros was driven insane by the fact he could never find someone strong enough to give him a good fight, and it even shakes Saitama because it's like looking at a future version of himself. Garou is a fun take on an edgelord who really has a heart of gold, someone who became a villain because he saw the world was unjust and heroes who fought to keep the status quo were upholding that injustice. By comparison all the villains in MP100 are boring and just exist to tell some kind of morality fable.