Was this whole scene just the author (Gen) saying I HATE my friend's favorite character?

was this whole scene just the author (Gen) saying I HATE my friend's favorite character?

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He's a notorious misogynist

But Saber is proven right by the end

>He's a notorious misogynist


Who isn't?

Considering his other work often shits on naive but well-intentioned people, by giving them the consequences of their own actions, i don't think it's spesifically about saber.

Hating saber is pretty fair

Saber's characterization in the scene isn't fair to her, but Iskandar wasn't wrong. Wanting to remove yourself from history would be an insult to everyone who followed you. Also his loyal chad army mogged her virgin round table full of autists and traitors.

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The entire show was about making Seibah suffer.
You think it's just a couple isolated moments, but on a rewatch, you notice that Urobuchi basically spends the entire show shitting on Seibah and her feelings.

Iskandar is also like many times the king she was and his autism is almost perfectly inverse to hers

You're just a saberfag with tunnel vision. Everyone suffered, literally everyone except Waver/Iskandar and Kirei/Gilgamesh. Also the child killers but they don't really count as characters. The 4th grail war was already known to be filled with tragedy from the FSN characters recalling it, and Urobutcher ramped it up to 11.

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Saber was so pathetic.

If you're not sure, then don't post.

Gilles and Ryuunosuke are all time greats

I knew there was a reason I like him.

More like noncanon filler to create a climax for the first half of the story and an excuse to fill everything with gore and darkness. Also Gilles was used to shill Jeanne before Apocyrpha. She sucked and tanked her novel's story arguably even more than Gilles did.

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Gilles cant possibly be blamed for Jeanne wanting dragon cock

Urobuchi's standard gimmick is to take something that sounds nice on paper (like Kerry's utilitarianism, or Seibah's chivalric idealism), give 20 different speeches on why it's wrong with no alternative, and then do his best to give everybody bad ends unless somebody steps in says "No". This isn't the first show that he's done this in. It's not tunnel vision, it's me pointing out that this time, his focus was on Seibah for obvious reasons.
It doesn't cancel out or lessen other characters' suffering.
It doesn't get cancelled out or lessened by other characters suffering too.

If there's a third character who got as much of the royal Urobuchi treatment as Seibah and Kerry did in Fate/Zero, it'd be Kariya. Even if F/SN didn't exist before Fate/Zero, Urobuchi would still have Kariya go through the exact same shit he did without guidance. Or worse.

Also gilles is probably one of the more canon servants I'm pretty sure he gets mentioned for a tentacle rape joke in ataraxia

No it was just the usual anime failure at being deep. As if any japanese manganime author has enough culture to give moral lessons.

She doesn't want to remove herself from history (at this point). She just wants a chance to change how Camelot's story ends. It isn't until her fight with Lancelot where she realizes that Camelot fell because of her underlings' religious devotion to her that she changed her wish to "let someone who wouldn't fuck up as badly as I did be king instead".

Kariya is fucking great, I loved watching that stupid fuck fail at everything and get shit on by everyone. It was hilarious seeing Zouken fuck around with him, and when Kirei zeroed in on him like a vulture. By the end I felt so edgy that I could have been the one musing over a glass of wine as he gave Aoi brain damage in the church.
His suffering was pure, multifaceted, and deserved. He was a terrible person with terrible reasons for inserting himself into the war.

>notorious misogynist
You say it like it's a bad thing.

First watch, I felt sorry for him. On rewatch, I was like "This guy's a fucking retard from start to finish. How did I miss that the first time?"