Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Are you ready for cyberkino?
Only 2 days to go.

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You bet I am

Cyberpunk Edgerunners releases in two days. Tomorrow the first two episodes will be available for those who are interested in the Dub. But seriously who doesn't want to listen to Jaden Yuki fucking shit up?



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How many cybersex scenes?

trailers looked good. i like the cyberpunk setting. hopefully, netflix and cd projekt didn't fuck this up.

pre-rips when?

Zero, this is a family friendly Anime

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Is MANanime back on the menu?

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the only trash trigger has been associated was franxx so im pretty excited

More than 80% of Trigger Anime is garbage to ok at best


desu most of them are working off kill la kill and that is there best show. I dont expect this to be any good since netflix is connected to its production.
Never forget what netflix did to GITS

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They stopped bothering to do anything after THE HAND.

Last I heard, pulling a man's spine out was supposed to kill him instantly. Mortal Kombat lied to me.

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Then what is THIS?

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Maybe in 2077 you will able to do that without dying

Him walking into the room with a moon walk is the best part

Yosuke Yoshigaki
Episode 7 must be a big one since it has the same ADs as episode 1.
He also designed Kiwi, but the clothes and dog (?) in this picture won't be in the anime.
Now I'm curious to know exactly who designed who, I assumed Yoshigaki and Kaneko would only work on secondary and side characters, not the main crew.

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>Netflix original anime
>Based on a poorly reviewed and buggy American game
>It probably won't have nudity and uncensored nipples ala old cyberpunk anime like the Bubblegum Crisis series after they removed all nipples and toned down the "Bastard" anime adaptation
Now that Netflix does weekly releases instead of batch that means we are stuck with this show for a few months, I have no hopes for it whatsoever no matter how hard it was shilled on this board last month (a out of season xmas present to fans of Bubblegum crisis (like that one OP said) ass) other than maybe the ost being half as good as older cyberpunk anime:

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You bet I am ready, user.

Yes, user!!

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With MC being a young virgin boy?
Shit on it, they had a chance to make a real MC be an adult guy or a woman but instead they again decided to cater to virgin self-insert fags with this.
Knowing CDPR this will be properly censored to fit China watching criteria.

>It probably wont vave nudity and uncensored nipples
My nigga did you not watch the trailer?

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>American game

I don't have much hope, remembering how peculiar Trigger is fixated on some things and how the original game was playing it safe regarding some issues.

>remembering how peculiar Trigger is fixated on some things
Trigger has talked about how this is the anime they've had the least creative freedom on.
>original game was playing it safe regarding some issues
what do you mean

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>American game