Should you stick your dick in crazy?

Should you stick your dick in crazy?

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She's not crazy, though

Saeko is awesome and wholesome


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I remember that ova where they are staying on a island with leaves that makes you hallucinate if you burn them and Takeshi thought he and Saeko were about to have sex, but it turned out that Takeshi was hallucinating and getting it on with 2 zombies.

I bet Pito would

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Reminder that there are thousands of waifufags who TO THIS DAY consider Yuno Gasai the best girl in anime.

was she crazy?

It depends on what type of crazy
She is good
Yes, did you speedread?

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Only if you're in a mutually loving relationship with the crazy.

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I will not fuck the berserker

every day

Should you let crazy stick it's dick in you?

Absolutely, crazy pussy is best pussy.

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Sounds gay.