Yuri manga should have more suffering

Yuri manga should have more suffering

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Manga in general run the victim complex thing already, no need for further drama. You can have suffering but please enough cheap drama

Stop being gay

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I always thought this when I used to read Watamote

>butthurt anons mass reporte the other yuri thread
LOL and you guys have face to complain about twitter or cloudflare

Which one?

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Yuri should have less drama and more fucking or evolution of the main couple. Also for the love of God. Stop making every single character gay

You can have both at the same time

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>everyone is gay
>there are no men
>the time there's a man he's a dick or NTR material
I'm starting to think all the yuri authors have been traumatized

>the time there's a man he's a dick or NTR material
Lol, most males in yuri manga are usually bros who help the girls get together

Or self-hating.

Why did that thread get deleted? I don't see anything wrong with it

Anons got butthurt because their mangas got called shit and mass reported it, it's a common thing on Any Forums now, it doesn't matter if the content fits or not, as long people complain users can get banned and posts deleted.

>jannies decide for once to step up and delete the shitty bait thread
>waaaaah yurihaters mass reported me this is literally 1984
Kill yourself, you worthless dicksucking vermin.

>People discussing, posting pics and recommeding stuff
LOL, go to twitter, there you don't need to see anyone talking about shit you dislike

Yuri is only perfect when drama become despair and despair becomes lovers' suicide

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Another one which will end in despair and lovers' suicide

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Never ending suffering

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Someone will get eaten in this one

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>all female main cast in action series
>villains are still always male

No hope

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