Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 37

With the return of the anime this october, it's a good idea to always have the whole work somewhat fresh in your mind going into the ending arc, and to that end I will storytime the manga (alonside some extras) until the end of fullbring, and then point out things in the adaption as it is happening, to form a better informed view of the manga, for me and (You).
Now let's start volume 37: Beauty is So Solitary
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Momo at the beach

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Can't wait for my wife to show up in TYBW with her harem of onaholes.

Yay, it's my favorite time of the day!

Today OP was spared from Maggot's Nest

We're back
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You can't stop Bleach storytime to get 5 threads. Sooner if you end up more of a faggot than OP. Don't be a bigger faggot than OP.

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If Urahara is so come he got one SHOT by Hiyori??? Care to explain???

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oh boy sure nobody will job in this volume

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Jobbing? In Bleach? In an arc centered around the Vizards? Surely not

He didn't want her to feel insignificant

>Meanwhile, 110 years ago

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Is there really 100 chapters of this?

He immediately turns around from using Sosuke to using Aizen.

F for Velonica.


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Shota zanpakuto is cute

I will believe in you user, you wouldn't lie to me right?

no, it ends in a couple

The characters are really strong but Shinigami don't have Hierro except for Zaraki.
Shunsui himself notes it'd end up badly if he was hit by Chad's final punch back in the soul society arc, he can't just tank it. For the most part they have human bodies. Ichigo being unable to cut Zaraki was an exception, I don't see any other Captain being able to just stand there and not be stabbed by a sword even if it's from an unnamed Shinigami.


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song wise I think shojo s is better than velonica, but it's a shame the character shots are static

>Ichigo drooling over Ichigo's meat

Kek. Imagine seeing this and wondering why Ichigo chose Orihime.

t. kisukecope

Zaraki doesn't have that. His power level is just really big.

He had to force himself to use Sousuke for over 10 years when he actually thought "you fucking snaaake"

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