This has to be the stupidest woman I have ever witnessed in the history of media

This has to be the stupidest woman I have ever witnessed in the history of media

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I think she was made unreasonable on purpose.
Most of the time when Ranma did something "bad" it was just a misunderstanding, if Akane was reasonable as Kasumi or Nabiki most of the conflict of the story would just not exist.

Ranma should have had a spin-off about Kasumi.

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Lots of ranma threads today aren't there

To be fair, Ranma is a professional gaslighter so I don't blame her for being so irrational towards him.

Yeah but she's cute so it's ok. Dumb girls really are the best.

Both her and Ranma are muscle bound dummies. Of course they go perfect with each other.

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Akane is for pig cock ONLY

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I can fix her

Today I will remind Ryoga incels

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She is bad, but Sakura from Naruto still beats her

Ranma is made for Ryoga

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She's supposed to represent Rumiko. And Rumiko's a fucking idiot.

Ukyo /ss/

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the duality of Any Forums

If she was smart she would've saved Shinobu for use in Ranma instead of wasting her in UY.

Funny because Ranma can more feminine than Akane herself. He's a good cook and is implied to be a clean freak. The anime even had an episode where he acts really feminine.

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akane is literally worthless
>cant cook
>cant fight
>bitches at everyone all the time
>defends happosai (b-b-but he's just an old man)
>least cute tendo sister
>even mogged by ranma in the chest and girlishness department

Akane was cute and had a nice body. I don't know what Ranma was always talking about with her being uncute and built like a brick.

>defends happosai
When did this happen?

Because she was? Even her sisters mogged her. Even ranma mogged her. There was literally nothing redeeming about her.

multiple times
>happosai steals panties in a large sack every day, ranma is found with it, still blames him
>ranma beats up happosai for peeking in the girls locker room or being in the storage shed, akane says he's just a poor old man
>happosai is deathly sick
>akane feels bad for him